More about history
ClanBRATS is a Medal of Honor: Allies Assault Clan formed in 2008 from members of The Resurrection Clan. The founding members of ClanBRATS were BigMoose, Ripley, AngelWhisper, Tapout and ScorpionQueen (B.R.A.T.S). The original tags for ClanBRATS were Clan=BRATS=, which over time evolved to =BRATS=, and now [cB] with female members wearing {cB} tags.

BRATS began with a stock Freeze-Tag/Freeze-Tag OBJ server with rapid fire rifles. As time passed, stock maps became tiresome and BRATS introduced a Custom Map Server in early 2009; rotating through 15 custom maps for one night each week. The popularity of custom maps resonated with the players and by 2013 the Custom Map server was used 6 nights a week, rotating through over 200 maps.

Today, BRATS maintains a roster of over 30 members frequenting the server multiple nights a week along with dozens of guests who do not wear our tags. On an average night, the Custom Map Server sees twenty or more members and guests.
More about weapons
We play with rapid fire rifles and powerful snipers. Rifles are typically one shot kill, and snipers have the ability to kill up to two players with one shot. Players will move faster with a weapon drawn rather than holstered, and grenades can be kicked away by pressing the use key should one land near the feet of your player. Allied and Axis weapons are set up as similarly as possible, but to combat minor differences we allow players to have either team’s weapons based on the configuration below. Each option provides a player with his team’s pistol and his team’s grenades. The first weapon listed is the weapon a player will pull out once he spawns:

Rifle: Your Rifle, Your Sniper
Sniper: Your Sniper, Your Rifle
Sub Machine Gun: Their Rifle, Your Sniper
Machine Gun: Your Rifle, Their Sniper
Bazooka: Their Rifle, Their Sniper
Shotgun: Their Sniper, Their Rifle

More about voting
Download the Vote Tool from the Downloads page. Follow the in game setup options and begin voting by finding a map and clicking Play Now or Play Next. Once you have made your selection, players will see the vote status on the left-middle of their screens. Players can open their vote tools and select “Vote Yes” or “Vote No”. The vote option with the highest percentage after 30 seconds will be carried out.
More about display
The upper right corner of our servers contains a list of server information. The Admin line shows the admin controlling the server. The Map line shows the name of the current map. The Next Map line shows the name of the next map. The Server Status line shows if a server requires a password to enter. The Voting Status line shows if players are allowed to vote for an immediate map change, or to set the upcoming map.
More about parachute
Avoid falling damage by walking off an elevated edge from the standing position and pressing your use key while falling. Download the Parachute Texture Mod from our Downloads page to see the parachute in game.