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Rule Categories


Our mission is to maintain a fun and enjoyable playing environment for our members and guests. To this end, the following measures apply to all players in BRATS servers. Questions about any BRATS rules should be directed to an administrator. [Reviewed Jan. 01, 2016]

  1. General Rules

    1. No cheating of any kind is allowed. This includes the use of any special modifications, hacks, or cheat-codes that give a player an unfair advantage. #
    2. All players will be shown respect. Racist and discriminatory remarks, inflammatory comments, and harassment of players in any way will not be allowed. Any reasonable request made by an administrator is to be followed. Players will respect the server by keeping teams even, moving to spectate when not playing, melting teammates, and avoiding all other forms of jackassery. #
    3. All passwords and permissions should be distributed exclusively by a Clan Leader. #
    4. Players are expected to use an in-game name which reflects the name they are registered with on our forum. Players using alternate names should alert an admin upon entering the server to avoid being kicked. #