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 0000125Serverresolved (Darren)2019-01-29Sniper Server Adjustments
 0000103Mapnew2019-01-26Sky Fix
 0000124Mapresolved (Morgan)2019-01-13Pack 03 - Eagle's Nest line 167 .urc broken
 0000119Client Toolsresolved (Morgan)2019-01-13Map Installer
 0000123Serverresolved (Darren)2018-11-15DOI
 0000122Mapnew2018-06-18The Village
 0000121Mapnew2018-06-18Urban Sprawl
 0000118Servernew2018-03-11Add Bilge's Skins
 0000117Client Toolsassigned (Darren)2018-02-28RCON Tool
 0000114Mapresolved (Darren)2017-12-04CF Clan Obj3
 0000115Mapnew2017-12-02Midnight Launch - Private Server
 0000116Mapnew2017-12-02Bastogne - Private Server
 0000106Mapassigned (Darren)2017-11-28Remove Sun
 0000108Mapnew2017-11-04Graphics Updating
 0000107Mapresolved (Morgan)2017-11-03Axis Bunker
 0000111Maptesting (Morgan)2017-11-03Under Siege
 0000099Client Toolsresolved (Morgan)2017-10-14Riposte Crashes Server
 0000110Maptesting (Morgan)2017-10-14Bomb fix Desert Base
 0000051Serverresolved (Darren)2017-10-08Stock FT to Customs
 0000050Mapresolved (Darren)2017-10-08Add SP Maps to Stock
 0000091Mapresolved (Darren)2017-10-08Wolf
 0000105Mapresolved (Darren)2017-10-08Arzew Assault
 0000104Mapresolved (Darren)2017-10-08AA - Remove Bombs
 0000098Mapresolved (Morgan)2017-10-06Bomb fix Stali 3
 0000069Mapresolved (Morgan)2017-10-06Broken Bombs
 0000102Mapresolved (Morgan)2017-10-06Riposte Flip Planting/Defusing Teams
 0000088Mapresolved (Morgan)2017-10-06Harbor
 0000109Mapresolved (Morgan)2017-10-06Uber V2
 0000101Client Toolsnew2017-10-03Update Small City with Stadt 2
 0000100Client Toolsnew2017-10-03Update Bunker Raid with UberBunkerRaid
 0000092Serverassigned (Darren)2017-09-16Melt Team on x melts
 0000097Mapassigned (Morgan)2017-09-16Block Axis from entering Allies spawn - St. Florettes
 0000089Mapresolved (Darren)2017-09-16Burg, maybe Berg
 0000090Mapresolved (Darren)2017-09-16Riposte
 0000093Mapresolved (Darren)2017-09-16Russia Crashes Server
 0000094Mapresolved (Darren)2017-09-15Lost Rcon
 0000095Mapresolved (Darren)2017-09-15crashed live on 2
 0000096Mapresolved (Darren)2017-09-15crashes when live on 2
 0000086Mapassigned (Darren)2017-07-09Singapore Papers
 0000087Mapassigned (Morgan)2017-07-09Leville
 0000084Mapresolved (Darren)2017-02-26Missing Maps
 0000056Serverresolved (Darren)2017-02-08Admin Log Out
 0000066Mapresolved (Darren)2017-02-08Headshot, Temple of Kali, Treasure Island
 0000083Mapresolved (Darren)2017-02-07Last Castle Spawns
 0000085Mapresolved (Darren)2017-02-07Map - Manson
 0000082Mapresolved (Morgan)2016-12-13ARG Omaha
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